Tell me why

Tell me why

Oh! welcome now to the world of blame game
blame me now for being so wrong
Defame me now for being so lame
Pretend to be strong amongst the throng and point me wrong

A time for a reality check, do come along!

Tell me why mine is wrong and yours is right
tell me why yours is day and mine is night
Now don't show me some holy books for I am bright
Bright enough to know nothing's wrong and nothing's right

When in fright or in delight, you would not forget to cite
some quotes from those books that you hold tight
So you think killing people in the name of god is right?
No! It is not that black and white

That thing that you're holding onto is a parasite
Can't you hear the sounds of guns and dynamite
Cries of innocent lives and their plight
But keep on fighting your fight
Till you hear no sound of cries but a horrific sight
Houses all painted red, all black clouds and no light

Till everything's motionless and quiet
Till it's your people within your sight
Holding a green book, looking for something to cite
My sect is superior than yours, says the book they recite
And the cycle repeats itself in its might

Now tell me why, ask I might
 mine is wrong and yours is right


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