The Cat We Are Afraid of

Reposting an old poem

When I remember my childhood days, I remember a child who used to be curious and fearless. I liked that child. He was ignorant of the world. He thought he could make the world his own kingdom to live in. He was not afraid of failures. He didn't have to worry about green papers for which half of the adults run in a circle. He didn't know that his world is a mad world. an absurd world.

He was my hero, for he was unware of the harsh realities. But now he is afraid of his world. He is no longer innocent and thus no longer a friend of mine. I wish he can become the hero he was once. It would help me a lot. But alas!

Here is a poem dedicated to that child, whom I lovingly call as my cat.

The Cat We Are Afraid Of!

Ever since I was a child
The Cat, a friend of mine
Was young and wild
He treated the hickory dickory docks
With fearless prowess akin to his folks
I liked that cat
Cause he was not afraid of rats

For he was a fearless warrior
A true hero I was never afraid of.

But now I am no more a child
And he is no more a wild
The hickory dickory dock that i learnt
Where the mouse ran up and down
And made the clock one
And nowhere was my cat to be seen in one on one

Where did he go when I needed him the most?
Where did he go when i wanted the mouse at all cost?
So fearless a warrior was he
All now succumbed to dust and got lost

And the worst

He is afraid of that dock!
How can he, so akin to his folks
Can leave me alone with that dock?
A true hero did I say?
No, an enemy number one
Who couldn't go one on one

Now the child that I am no more
And the hero that he is no more
I fear the once fearless even more
The cat, a friend of mine
I am afraid of him even more

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