A privileged death

There's a common meeting point for everyone- Death. No one is above it. Not even Gods, for their existence in the minds of the faithful ends with the death of the faithful.

Is it not a sense of relief to know the truth, the truth of mortality? Is it not a bliss to know how privileged is everyone, to live, who are going to die. Where is the gap then, of rich and the poor? Of corrupt and the honest? of theists and atheists?

Death unifies everyone. No one is more privileged than any other. And amidst this state of meaninglessness, we have the option to act like a privileged one. But only the option. It still doesn't mean anything, but we do have the option to live a privileged life.

The certainty of death allows us to experience each day in its unadulterated and unalloyed form.

Don't slog just because life is meaningless, instead rise high and face the shore and experience all the pain and the suffering along with the profound joy of being a being. Live a genuine life, because you have an option to live!


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