A sigh of existentialism, a plight of meaninglessness

It is all about essence. The essence of life. I have a used, worn out pen whose essence lies in the refill. The refill if is stuffed with blank ink, will write black. I cannot expect it to write blue for its essence is being black.

To further a step towards the above argument, can I believe that human beings have essence as well?. Something deep within their mind, something coiled and wired and etched on their genes which carry the essence of their identity, of their existence, of their purpose?

There is an inherent definition to existentialism. That is, it propounds the existence of any being preceding its essence. That is to say, one is born first and therefore he has the opportunity to create his own essence.

Think about it from the point of view of science.

We are what our genes are. I have forgotten most of the things in biology. But I do remember reading how traits are determined by a certain combination of genes. And the combination of genes which determine physical attributes comes from the chromosomes of both the parents.

 So, if Usian Bolt has become the fastest sprinter on earth, can it be believed that it is because of his genes? Well, that's where the existentialism comes in.

I am sure the ability to run fast depends on the body structure, stamina, endurance, diet and desire. There are evidence of genes effecting body structure and to some extent the natural stamina and endurance. However there's no concrete evidence of genes manipulating one's diet and desires.

I have seen guys in our local gym, who without lifting much iron, have been able to transform their physique to the likes of pro bodybuilders. Perhaps it is because of their genetic make up which gives them an advantage over others and pehaps they have the desire to be so, for they do come regularly to pump iron.

But the question is can having better physical attributes or better mental acuity provide any meaning to existence?

One can say Mr. Bolt has got his meaning from his ability to run and thus he, in the eyes of Aristotle, is the ideal man living on this planet.

But there are people on this earth who inspite of knowing their abilities, their genetic advantages cannot find any meaning to their essence.

What's the meaning of being the fastest runner on this Earth? What's the meaning of being a talented musician or an artist or what not? When at the end we all have to die taking none of our meanings to afterlife. For there is NO AFTER LIFE. Life is a big full stop after death.

It is as if living on this Earth and not living on this Earth boils down to nothingness. Utter meaninglessness and I sigh.


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