Mr. Jaggers

I really liked Mr. Jaggers. His character sketch is drawn flat- bald, bushy eyebrows, possessor of a long watch chain who keeps his house open to thieves (look at his confidence and the small but intriguing act of intimidating the felons- an open challenge of inviting the criminals to his place of residence).

Throughout the novel, I didn't doubt for a second that his actions would be unsympathetic towards any of the characters until Dickens proved me wrong, for at the end, Mr. Jagger's positive side was portrayed. After all, he knows how crimes take place and he knows how abandoned orphans go on to lead a life of crimes and punishments.

The way he washes off his hands with a scented soap constantly while being at his work place surrounded by criminals signifies how much he detests criminals and their scent of distorted ethics and morals. A small act of giving Estilla under the protection of Miss Havisham showed how he has a considerate side to his character. Atleast one orphan will be saved from the cruelty of this ruthless life, he believed. (Although he shouldn't have given her to Miss Havisham, but who would have known that Miss Havisham had plans for turning the heart of Estella into an ice box.)

One can never judge a person from his/er looks. Although Dickens starts most of his characters' personality based on the looks- a good person will have a calm, adorable, amiable face (Joe, Biddy) while a bad person will have a gothic look (Jaggers, Havisham), he goes on to show how physical attributes doesn't matter much when it comes to the genuine nature of a person( Mr. Wemmick with his post box face).

Take nothing on its looks, advised Mr. Jagger to Pip and he continues "Take evrything on evidence.There's no better rule"

Way to go Mr. Jagger. I am with you on this one. 


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