Ramblings of contradiction

I keep my mouth shut the moment I have the urge to correct someone who lacks the desire to get corrected according to my definition of correctness. And I want all the people in my known circle to follow the same and thus comes the contradiction, because I cannot make others follow what I deem worthy enough to follow. This amongst many other reasons make me introvert. But the definition of introvert is, according to me,  different. And hence when I say I am an introvert, people perceive me to be an 'introvert' which is clearly what I am not.

Life is so full of contradiction that it makes me stay where I am. Stagnant, rigid and arrogant. If only I had a blind faith on some set of principles, I would have got ridden of the contradictions. But this mind of mine; had it been a person I would have punched him to death. Why? Because it doesn't allow me to follow blind faith. But I have no right to beat that person black and blue just because he is not allowing me to follow a blind faith. He doesn't have any desire to get corrected and hence I keep my mouth shut and let the world and that person be what they are. Meanwhile, I urge them to  allow me to suffer a life of contradiction. I hope I do not force them. I do not want to force anyone. I do not want to move even a twig, whatsoever the condition of that twig is when it is clinched to the debris of other rotting twigs.


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