The mask


You have thirteen missed calls from 4 contacts, displayed was the notification on his mobile.

He saw that but failed to see the need. The need of calling them back. Not that he was irritated with them. Not that he was having a bad day. Not that he was depressed.

"Why do they call me so much?" he asked himself. However he knows that of all the billions of people on this earth those four sapiens on his contact list are the ones who care about him, who think about him, who worry for him.

"But I don't want to be noticed" he argued "not even by those four people". One doesn't always need people around one to go on with one's life. He didn't need anyone around him, psychologically, at that moment nor at most of the time. He wanted to be ignored. He wanted to be left with his own device.

Human beings are supposed to be social, argued his mind. For how long would you be able to go on like this. For how long?

"I want to become obsolete" he talked back to himself. "It is not about how long. It is about why cannot I become one. I cannot just kill myself. Yes I am that coward! or you can say I fear of the oblivion. But I want to remain invisible to all. A mister nobody to all the human beings. But I just cannot.

"I cannot become obsolete in its truest sense. My survival needs human beings. Even though I hate those hate mongering, socially brilliant human beings, I cannot just leave them. The basic needs of mine are fulfilled in a society which has been so, right from the start of the civilisation. To leave them would be to die alone."

And so taking a deep trembling breath, as if he was six feets from the edge, he stood up and opened his locker. He took out the mask of pretension and wore it.

And just like Jim Carrey in The mask, he took a swift spin and shouted "I love it!"


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