To trap a fly

"Are you upset for some reason?" asked Dindayal, a young man munching on chips from a huge packet that he got on discount from a mall. Dinanath was staring at his ceiling fan rotating at a speed which couldn't take away his dread, anguish, hatred and those beads of sweat. He wondered how stupid was the spider to form its trap near the whirling fan.

The spider was cunning, Dinanath observed, for he is an observer of life beyond the human depravity. That sly spider made its own rules regardless of his surrounding. An arrogant multilegged creature who sticks to its tattered set of reasons and logic to trap young flies and insects. It hated the freedom of their wings. The freedom which carried them towards their love of nectars and sweets.

"Just another bad day" he told Dindayal who was more eager to empty his packet for the sake of the 30 percent discount than for hunger or taste.

"Do you know what, I am a fly, small and insignificant but with wings to follow my own path.  A path, full of spiders setting their traps to give an end to my life."

"dsheez scheeps shdont sheem to end" It was evident with his futile effort to end the packet.

"But this spider is unaware of one fact, that this fly has gone past its desires for nectars and sweets. It wants to know the soul of the spider; to know what makes it what it is now, all cunning and sly and deceitful. The fly is going to be near to it, always an inch away and would stay till one of them dies of hunger. And the fly is sure that it would not be the one to die for its hunger is not that of the spider's hunger.""

"Hey, do you want to help me finish this damn packet of chips?"

"No, thanks" Dinanath uttered with a sigh "the chips and the discount no longer attracts my palate"


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