A fake calm duck

I remember reading a story from the Shiv Khera's book You can win. Of course I was too young at that time to know the harsh truth about winning. That the winning part takes a different meaning at different stages of life. And as I reach for my 25th year of slogging in this messed up world of messed up people doing a messed up job of running in a messed up circle, I realise that it is not worth being genuine in this mess. Here I go on to say that being genuine may not fall on the same line as being morally right or socially acceptable. The genuine self that I have do not smile much, do not talk much, hates every other human being who fails to follow his ideals and logic, is detached from most of the so called meaningful things that people do to make their existence meaningful. The genuine self that I have is a cynic and often whenever he talks, he talks shit about reality, perception, morality, politics, ethics and other shit load of shits.

So, coming back to the part about that story which I once read during my teenage. I forgot the beginning and the ending but what I remember in that story is how a duck keeps calm on the surface of the water but incessantly pedals the water to keep itself afloat.

I guess, at this point of time, becoming a calm duck sounds more reasonable than becoming a genuine human being. All it takes is a fake smile and a set of impeccable words and you are good to go.


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