Rain and a pebble of capitalism

It is raining heavily today since morning. I so desperately wanted to take a morning stroll but only to face the cats and dogs obstructing my desire to embrace the otherwise pleasant morning.

What is wrong with rains? The unabating, incessant rain? The millions of water drops falling from the unending sky leaves no place for my eyes to rest, to fix my gaze upon. The sounds of rain all of a suddden sounds so depressing. A cry from the heaven.

As I am writing this, I am anticipating the rain to stop pouring its cats and dogs so that I can do what I like to do.

It is all about expectations. The monotonous life can leave no place for expectations. Each day and each night, when spent in the same fashion of listlessness amidst the humongous lists of monotonous activities one can only endure life rather than live the life. When in that monotony, a break of rain drops come, one finds oneself unable to break the chain of lassitude.

To endure life or live the life? It is quite easy to preach ways to live life but can anyone suggest ways to endure it? Isn't enduring life a lathargic way of living the life?

Lethargic or not there is a certain peace in enduring life. Isn't life all about making peace with the external conditions?

Or is life only about fighting those external conditions with swords of transient motivations sharpened by the large pebble of capitalism?


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