A road taken

Have you ever tried asking a dying man what he feels like during his last few conscious breaths? I haven't.  My experiences are limited. My days are unaccounted. My breaths are uninterrupted and my wrinkles are still shunted.

Age is just a number, some say. A number which might resemble closely to those numbers written on the milestones which we encounter during our expedition on a highway.  However, our age  fortunately do not reach those hideous numbers. We are lucky to be mortal, lucky to see finite amount of suffering.

Have you ever tried asking a dying man what he felt like during his last moment? 

Ask Colonel Chabert! A soldier of misfortune brought in by Napoleon, few breaths away from death.

Corpses are equal,  death makes everyone equal. What makes it unique is life! A conscious life. An accounted life. A numbered life.


Life brings in a road. A unique one, thinks the character,  the soldier.  And one cannot remain stagnant on that road. You see, there is always a relativity in motion. You may not move, but the roads are moving. The numbers are adding up. The entropy is increasing. 

What you do on that road is your choice.  You can run, you can stroll,  you can hitchhike, you can buy a car, you can cry, you can laugh, you can sing a song, you can write a poem.  It is your choice.

Our soldier felt his life oozing out of him.  The soldier who conquered several battles was afraid of getting thrown into a grave, was afraid of becoming a body, of  becoming equal in death for he was different,  he was successful,  he was after all a soldier.  A soldier of misfortune.

But now he was taking his last breaths.

Have you ever asked a dying man about the purpose of life? About love and anger?

To him, no one should count on other's love. Love is a fleeting emotion. Anger is also fleeting. Life is fleeting.  Hold on to your road. Live on your road. No one is going to mourn over the end of your road. The road ends where your consciousness ends.

Inspired from the book Nomad learns Morality by Tomichan Matheikal.


  1. Death can be very inspiring though people won't like to think of it. It highlights the quintessential irony of life.

    Glad to know that my story inspired this.

    1. This was in my mind to write a commentary of your short stories,individually, from the book. Since I have started the blog again, I am planning to finish the line up.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amit sir, for giving it a read. Happy to see you here


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