Hindia, I love my Hindia!

I have had the opportunity of staying in Silchar for a major part of my adulthood.  Silchar is a place situated in Assam in the district Cachar which is separated from the mainland of Assam by the river Barak. 

The first time when I went to that place I was shocked to learn that people there do not speak Assamese.  They speak a language which is a divergent of Bengali and is very similar to syllethi spoken mostly in Bangladesh. Having being spent  all my childhood speaking Assamese,  that we love to call Axomia in our dialect,  I found it quite difficult to converse with the local population of that place.

So how did we,  the mainland Axomia people communicate there?  We had to resort speaking in Hindi.  Interestingly,  the local people out there were well versed in Hindi and it came as a surprise to me how much they were reluctant in learning Axomia.

Later on I realised how they willingly never used Axomia when they stayed in Silchar but readily used the same as a means of communication when they entered the mainland Assam.

Of course they are free to use whatever language they want to use,  even when that language is mostly used in our neighbouring country. Ours is a free country and no one should shove a language to any community or state.

Thanks to my education I didn't have any trouble communicating in Hindi with them.  And although I feel an anger at having to speak Hindi in my own state, I am glad at the same time that we,  the Axomia people are tolerant enough of not making a big issue out of it.

At least we use an official language of the republic of India for making communication with them and not a language of Bangladesh.

The last time I checked,  Hindi is not a language of any state per se in its pure form.


  1. There are a lot of Bengalis working in Kerala now. I think they are originally Bangladeshis. They won't admit it though. They speak Malayalam fairly well. But their Malayali coworkers use Hindi occasionally while conversing with the. Good camaraderie. Such spirit of friendship will prevail if things are not forced on people.

  2. You might be knowing how the BJP is playing politics in kicking those Bangladeshis out. Foreigners are foreigners everywhere. The idea of allowing Hindu Bangladeshis to stay in India and kicking the rest out is sickening and we are against it.


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