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The fallacy of assumptions

Generalisations and assumptions  shouldn't be made in haste. They might give rise to partisanship, racism, bigotry and ethnic cleansing. Human beings irrespective of common denomination are unique in themselves.

What is common however is the innate nature of human beings to have a fear of failure at surviving.  No one is sure about anything in this world.  No one can predict the future.  No matter how much mathematics is used, no one can predict an event born out of randomness.

It is because of this uncertainty and fear, human beings have the tendency of staying in groups.  The more the size of the group the better is the chance of survival and lower is the risk of damage from randomness.

However,  the group should hold a common belief. Now beliefs can be several. The survival of that group is based on how much  control it can have over individuals at imposing a fixed common set of beliefs. 

The group can even have various tools to control the beliefs of individuals.  Those tools can range from a holy book, a messenger of god to diktats and guns. After all it is the survival of the group which is important.

Now there can arise some groups which over the time let themselves split up into smaller groups for the lack of proper control, mainly on the control in the belief in a single God.

Does that change the attitude of individuals belonging to those smaller groups?  Yes, to some extent that changes.  The individuals gradually become vulnerable to the damages caused by randomness and to oppression as well.

But once in a while a leader gets born. The leader who understands the need of forming a single homogeneous group with a common set of beliefs.  Under his command,  smaller groups can again come together. The leader can use the same tools to govern that group.  That group might just become big enough to overpower other smaller groups.

Will the attitude of the individuals change at that time? Yes, they will gradually become more intolerant and ambitious. They might try to become the avengers of history's prejudice and injustice.

Generalisations and assumptions are  dangerous things. They might give rise to partisanship, racism, bigotry and ethnic cleansing. 


  1. The group should have a common belief, you say. So let the whole of India believe that Modi is the present incarnation of Brahma. Will that solve the problem?

    I think groups belong to the mediocre. Do you find intelligent people in any group? Sine I am an idiot I don't know what intelligent people really do, but just asking you since you are intelligent. :)

    1. Sir, I am idiot enough at failing to convey the sarcasm I wanted to present here.

      A common belief strengthens a group to an extent of making it a remote controlled bomb.

      Hindus are tolerant? Now that's an assumption and how assumptions can go wrong can be seen in recent times.

      Modi is the incarnation of brahma? That's funny. I thought he is the prophet as was predicted in holy books.


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