The Half author

No. I won't hide it. I won't try to sound intellectual by saying that I read only Jhumpa or Rushdie . I belong to the class of banana man who simply reads whatever he finds cheap enough to buy.  And I don't need to quote the CEO of Snapchat to say that we love cheap items. Although we are not poor by any means. But who won't buy a book worth a hundred rupee note on a railway station platform if he has that amount to spend?

So I have read most of the Chetans. Most of his book till his Half girlfriend one.  After that I started reading his articles in a popular newspaper and found him contradicting his writings. But perhaps it is a sign of a good businessman to become populist when the business demands it.  And thus gradually I lost interest in him and  stopped anticipating his next discounted novel.

But then I started seeing ads of him as a judge on a dance show or a comedy show, I don't really remember.  The urge of an IIM graduate to remain in the entertainment business led him to wear another hat, of that of a joker amongst the money minting monkeys.  
But that's okay.  He is earning his livelihood.  He is entertaining the mass. He is doing a great job at it and who am I to disagree and demean him. I shouldn't. I must not.

However to pretend to be a literary genius (have a look at his newspaper articles) who can pen out blockbuster movies out of his book and as well , on top of that, get his book as a part of the syllabus in DU is too much to take in. 

I mean " deti hai to de varna cut lai"  can become a phrase common among the DU students if they happen to make him their  idol of popular fiction writer. The next author from that university might actually churn out more nastier Hinglish words and phrases to become a more popular fiction author, who can then go on to write articles like Ram mandir should be built because Ram (a fictional character) was born at that place  just the same way he writes deti hai to de... just to become a popular writer.

But who can resist his cheap, easy to understand books that are laden with masala, sex (deti hai to de.. ), alcohol  and IITs/IIMs ? We love discounts . We love cheap items. We love Snapchat  and hate Snapdeal. Oops!!


  1. Chetan Bhagat is all set to become the PM of the country after Modi. Be careful of what yu write.

    1. :) be careful of what you write as well, cause it just might come true and you might get it all :)


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