A big bubble or a cup of coffee?

Dying voluntarily implies that you have recognised, even instinctively, the ridiculous character of that habit, the absence of any profound reason for living, the insane character of that daily agitation, and the uselessness of suffering." -Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

I will contradict myself while writing this post. Why am I even writing anything here? What is the reason behind doing anything?

There is a fundamental conflict a person might face in his lifetime when all of a sudden he realises that there isn't any meaning to anything that he does. Out of all the infinite possibilities the universe and its principle of randomness can throw at a person or an object,  there is simply no specific purpose to what we do and what we try to achieve vs. what this universe does to us.

We are human beings with limited intellectual capabilities. We cannot grasp everything that happens in this world with a sound logic. We seek simple models to explain our surroundings.

We sought the model of god and religion to make some sense to our purpose in this life. But can you be sure of this model?

We love to stay inside our own bubble.  This helps us to remain sane and to not commit suicide. But what if someone tries to break his own bubble? What if someone tries to see the world at its vulgar display of nudity?  What if someone realises that there is after all no need to dwell any longer in this world. That it is just equally okay to have a cup of coffee as to hang yourself from the ceiling!

Religion reprimands suicide. The society has always condemned suicide.  People hate those who try to commit suicide.  People hate those who suffer from severe mental stress and depression.

What is wrong with suicide?  How can the living who have not suffered the disease of absurdism can say that dying is not the solution?  How can a person who hasn't faced the existential crisis of carrying a boulder on his shoulder in the full glory of its futile action can say that living is much better than dying? 

Have you ever been to depression?  Can you understand the misery of the person contemplating suicide?  Can you believe that he would be better off living his conscious life contemplating the meaninglessness of everything? 

Try embracing absurdity and try fighting each and every moment of yours finding the meaning behind why it is so meaningless.

I know why it is meaningless!  It is meaningless because I have defined the meaning of what is meaningless.

Do you know what is the solution?  Either to rebel against the meaninglessness and try to find the meaning having cognisance that you will never find the meaning or...

build a stronger bubble, inside of which you can create a snowflake and a boy dancing with a girl to the tune of a beautiful music.


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