A cotton candy that I offer !

There are two types of cotton candy I have had till now. One a real cotton candy, which has fluffiness in it and the other a derivative which is quite dense and compact.

I like the former one. Why? Cause why not? It looks good, tastes good and feels awesome in the mouth. Very few taste buds are required to enjoy its sweetness.  Also, it dissolves faster in the mouth.

In contrast,  its derivative is quite compact to look at, has various additives in it seeking the validation of its taste. By the look of it, you can say that it has taken quite a good amount of time to get made. Although an expert can certainly prepare it in no time provided he has all the ingredients ready at his disposal.  No doubt it tastes mind blowing,  but the taste buds required are more here than in the fluffier one.

I want to not only have an acquired taste of the latter, but also to prepare it whenever I feel like. Hope it comes with the experience of  utilising a variety of taste buds that I have, which are most probably lying dormant, more frequently.

Till then have this one.


  1. I could never relish this one. Too soft.

    1. It is expected of you to not find it worth your taste, given the wonderful cookies that you prepare. 😁


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