Topic selection

This blog post will be a start to my journey of publishing a journal in a noteworthy publication house (either IEEE or Elsvier) . I have finally decided to have a journal paper with my name as a first author. Although I have some conference papers and one journal (accepted yesterday)  under my name, but those are not solely mine. I was a co author (second author) and my contributions were limited.

I still have this summer before I start my new job as a lecturer and it would be a great way to keep myself engaged.  Let's see how this journey turns out.

I will be sharing everything on this blog regarding my research except for the codes and copyright journals.

I have already decided the topic of my research,  which is integration of fuzzy logic in probabilistic methods to estimate equipment trips during voltage sag.

In simple words I will just try to formulate a way to measure the disturbances caused on the sensitive equipment like programmable logic circuits and adjustablespeed drives because of voltage fluctuations by the integration of fuzzy logic in the already established method of probabilistic assessment.

So this post was all about my motivation (to give meaning to my existence) and of course to start a blog series and declaring the topic of my journal.

Also to avoid cluttering others feed unnecessarily,  I will refrain from posting such posts on the social sites.


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