Fuck you sheep!

Dear society

I hope that you are having a gala time associating yourself with the like minded people and making fun of the odd one out. Have a great day ahead, everyday, whenever you  come together.

I don't talk much, you must have observed. I mind my own business and I am very happy doing so. If I were not to be happy with my self I would have tried to become like you. Do you know what? I really tried becoming like you and I saw the truth behind what it is to be like you.

1. I saw how people carry a beautiful mask with them whenever they are in the group.

2.  I saw how they bitch about other people

3. I saw how they judge an individual based on their wealth, property,  job and education.

4. I saw how they are miserably unhappy about themselves because they compare themselves with others.

5. I saw how they become marginally happy looking at the miserable conditions of others.

6. I saw how  they mock others because the others do not conform to the definition of being normal.

Normal? What is normal? Talking with others about useless things like what they eat, what they drive, what they fuck! Fuck off you!!

I keep quiet because I have been pre programmed by my parents to not raise voice against such acts of foolishness. Yes you all are fools. Bloody fools.

Your little world of pretentiousness doesn't allow you to have a broad mind. Look beyond such stupid things my fellow human beings.  Look beyond.  Look at the stars when it is cloudless at night.  Feel the wind on your skin when it is flowing.  Close your eyes and think. Yes, that is what we need! We need thinking people and not a herd of sheep.

You all are sheep and I am angry at myself for having to be around such stupid sheep. I will keep trying to move away from this cattle shed.  I will work hard to get away from your shit. I have to. I cannot see myself amidst the herd.

You four legged creatures!  I am fed up of you all. Go fuck others who do not mind their own businesses and not me. Fuck off.

I am sick of you. Oh! When will I have my freedom to say it loudly.  Oh ! When?


  1. Very angry with the world? Sometimes such indeterminate anger overpowers me too. But I know that such anger is useless, self-destructive.

    1. Was very angry, yes. I do not know what to make of a galore of people. How can people change so suddenly from being a sane individual to a non sensical morone when in a group.

    2. It is the herd mentality which is the remnant of now docile reptilian brain. Docile but not inert. It is waiting for an opportune to show its full glory, fire, fangs, gore, warts and all!

    3. Your last line says it all. You cannot be sure of who is serpentine and who is straight, but put him in a group and his true color will come out.


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