Google + vs. Indiblogger vs. Hypocrites

I have a fair idea of how people are vastly different in real life and in social sites. Some are more talkative in real but are just stalkers in networking sites, some are introverts in real but participators in  those sites. Some are cowards in real but courageously stupid in such sites.

It doesn't take much to write few lines from their pretentious account in the virtual world where people are at the receiving end behind their screens.

There is a good reason why I do not share anything on Facebook and do not talk openly about my blog in real life. Because the people that I know on Facebook are blisteringly different than their real self. They are hypocrites and even more so in the virtual space than in their real life facade . I wonder what good will it do to me, apart from making me more apathetic, if I present my views to them. The disparate faces they have makes me feel nauseated.

Hence, I find some sites like Indiblogger and Google+ better than the Facebook. At least people here have some similarities with what I like to do and at least I can pretend to believe that they are the same person as they present themselves in their blogs and profiles.

Having spent a fair amount of time on both Google+ and Indiblogger, I can say that although the networking scope of bloggers is excellent at Indiblogger but the ease of display and navigation is much better in Google+.

I might be mocked at for comparing these two, for I do not think many of my fellow bloggers even browse Google+ the way I do. But the interface of the latter is quite soothing and cleaner than the cluttered interface of Indiblogger.

The way the blog posts are linearly arranged with the interaction feature right beneath the post gives an artificial sense of using Facebook minus the known hypocrites in my friend list.

Perhaps Indiblogger can also make its user interface more similar to the feed of Google+ or Facebook thereby giving a better browsing experience to its users.


  1. Agree. FB is for jokers and pranksters and idlers. I'm there just to see the normal social behaviour and I must admit it has been a very interesting if not enriching experience.

    You're right again about Indiblogger. It should revamp the layout and other things which now make a rather painful experience. The previous version was easier at least.

    1. I would love to read your experience gained from observing the social behavior of people on internet.

      Yes, I was quite comfortable with the previous version. I guess change is not always appreciable specially when the change doesn't bring any good to anything.

  2. From last few days i am thinking to share my views about facebook, may be soon i will do it.
    I totally agree with your views and also with Tomichan sir about facebook.
    Previous version of Indiblogger was much better.

    1. Eagerly waiting for your post, Jyotirmoy :)

      It's always fun to hear your anecdotes and rants.


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