Graveyard of memories and stability

What is stability?

If you perturb a system suddenly,  the system oscillates around its stable point of rest.

If the oscillations keep on increasing with time, the system is called unstable.

If the oscillations dampen with the passage of time, the system again returns back to its stable point of rest and we say that the system is stable in spite of the perturbations.

It has come back to normalcy again. Everything has come to its stability after the perturbation that happened a week ago.

Is such stability an outcome of resilience against the build up of insanity? Isn't the stable point of rest, a point of dumping ground for memories?

Take a shovel and start digging your stable point.  You will find the corpses of dead memories buried deep inside. Do not look too deep, however. Some memories might bring you to the critical point of stability ( or insanity)  after which the oscillations of your perturbed system may not be damped back to normalcy.


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