Arnabwa just made me a homelesswa!!

Here we have with us, the king of rhetoric,  the defender of right wing, the pro nationalist, the fear of Pakistan, the nemesis of Owaisi... Mr Arnab Goswami.

I like this person just for the command he has over his language. His oration is enough to get swayed and then he brings in sheets of paper with facts and figures to convince the ones who do not get swayed over his charm of ferocious oratory.

With his new channel "The Republic TV" he has brought in the breaking news of the illicit association of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar with the mafia Sahabuddin. The recordings show how Lalu was controlling the riot in Nawalpur at the direct command of Sahabuddin.

If the recordings are authentic then it proves that riots are never self triggered but are initiated and maintained by the politicians in power.

Okay, very well played Arnab Goswami.  You met the expectations of your fans as well as your critics. As always you played to the gallery.

  It would be a great service to this nation if you remain impartial to all the political parties and keep on exposing the wrongdoers and keep on taking stand against injustice and intolerance of all sorts.

But this expose brings in another question. You used this expose to gain a traction of your newly launched channel. That means you already had this information since a long time and were just waiting for the right moment to release it.

How many such breaking news are you withholding?  Or to be accurate , how many such information against the ruling party are you hiding?

Also, if a single news channel team can come up with such news then why are the other news channel sitting idle with crappy stories?  Are they inept at retrieving such news or are they also hiding such disruptive news.

In this age of information overload,  is it possible to remain impartial and non judgemental? Is it possible to impart news without opinions and bias?

At least we have you, Mr Goswami who declares himself as an opinionated journalist who brings in a disruptive style of news anchoring. Who is obviously Right winged !

But will such opinionated journalism not hamper the strength of the fourth pillar?

Lots of questions from my side. Perhaps the time has come for me to become the donkey of this animal farm and observe the proceedings towards a cautious future.


  1. Go-swami redefined journalism long ago. He knows how to manipulate truth while shouting the slogan 'Satyameva Jayate.'

    1. These days the trend seems to be as such. The crowd can hear any biased propaganda under some modular jingoism.

  2. Arnab is back with a bang. Whatever may his critics say, he is a unique brand

  3. He does have a unique brand. After all he is the founder of news room discussion where the content is much better than that of a reality show.

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