How to meditate my way!

Ever wanted to meditate but found it quite difficult?

According to one way of meditation, Vipassana meditation, one has to just sit in a comfortable position and simply observe the breaths coming in and going out.

Simple! Isn't it?

Well most of us do not find it simple or worth pursuing.  It takes an acquired taste of such meditation forms to enjoy the bliss.

If you are one of those who do not find it easy enough or rather boring or rather a waste of time to do such meditations and yet want to extract the benefits of the same  then....

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(OKAY! I shouldn't attempt at selling things!!)

Here are the steps to do a meditation that I call as the " reading meditation"


1. A fiction book ( I prefer a fiction over non fiction because it is suitable for such meditation as such books do not require extensive knowledge of the external real world!)

2. A hard copy or an ebook reader ( if you are using a smartphone or a tablet then I suggest you to switch it to a dedicated ebook reader with e ink display, as it gives minimal distraction)

3. A comfortable recliner or a cozy warm bed

4. A thermos with your favorite beverage ( preferably use green tea or honey mixed lemon Luke warm water)

5. A MP3 player with headphones.

6. A half an hour of your precious time! ( you have to give some time to it, to anything in this world if you want to get benefits from it)


1. Sit on your chair or bed or on anything comfortable and take 5 controlled deep breaths. Close your eyes for some seconds and that's it.

2. Wear your headphones and play an instrumental of half an hour long. ( you can decide the time of the music, but it should match exactly with the meditation time! No need to set an alarm for it.)

3. Start reading the first word

4. Then, the next word till you complete a sentence.

5. Then the next sentence till you complete the first paragraph.

6. Then the next paragraph till you complete the first chapter and so on...

7. Take your time to imagine the scenes, to set the location described therein, to form the faces of the characters, to hear the dialogues of those characters

8. Take your time to understand each and every line that you read, no one is judging you and no one is looking at what you are reading!  So take your time and get yourself into the book..deep...very deep

9. With the completion of each chapter,  try to find out the feel of the chapter.  Try to look for the behaviour of the characters.  Try to judge them as much as possible.

10. Do the same with all the chapters and observe how your opinions of the characters are changing with each passage and with each chapter.

That's it. In no time you will have completed your "reading meditation"

11. Now take 5 more deep breaths and you are ready to face your day.

Happy reading.


  1. Wonderful sermon on how to read.

    Unfortunately there are no good books being published these days in India. All reading is kidnapped by gau rakshaks and their ilk. We now have Sri Infinite and such people entertaining us enormously, ENORMOUSLY.

    1. Agree with you completely. There is a dearth of standard books published in India, so much that it is showing its effect on the young minds of this nation with the derogatory vocabulary being used extensively.

      Sri infinity and the likes have a huge cult following. This practice is becoming increasingly dangerous. Even Radhe Maa has a large following.


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