To be or not to be a donkey

  I got a mail from a good friend of mine. I do not have that many friends so to speak. To be frank, I don't see how special emotions can be developed for other people. Those guys whom I call as my friend are the guys with whom I have had interactions and that's it.

However this friend of mine is somewhat special as I had spent a year with him as his roommate. He knows how confused and single minded I am. And when I received the mail, it somehow surprised me. He should have known that I am still as much confused as I was three years ago.

So this was his mail in verbatim:  oye i am so puzzled with my life i don't know wat to do..... i m losing faith in every thing what i have......
i want to say lots of thing but don't know how to express them....the reason is i m puzzled with my whole fucking life.

Well, who the fuck is not puzzled with his life? I am as well. The meaning of this life sucks the wit out of me. What are we supposed to do here, in this world? To be a  bee dancing on the tune of the expectations of this fucking society?  When all that we want to do is lead a peaceful life, we are expected to drag ourselves like other donkeys only to end up a miserable old life like them.

I don't know my friend,  how to help you here. I am as much fucking confused about what to do with this life, whether to become a donkey or a peaceful cow.

But one thing my friend,  at the end it won't matter ; nothing matters at the end. We will grow old and die.


  1. What other meaning has life got than what we give to it? I think we have to create meaning, maybe each day.

  2. It is quite tough to give meaning to this life, when hundreds of them force their meaning onto it. 😔

    1. That's true. I too faced this problem for quite a long period. Then I decided to stick to my own meanings. Sartre and Camus inspired me in this process.

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