Induced societal desires

 I remember, perhaps a decade ago,   reading a story for our English course at school. It was something about bangle makers who reside in Uttar Pradesh.

The biggest achievement,  I think,  in the eyes of my parents is to have a house made by their own money. My childhood memories were stuffed with frequent discussions on the construction of their house. After my seventh standard, their dream of having a house of their own was fulfilled.

But were they satisfied?  I do not think they were. The fact that others in their neighbourhood were building better houses than ours,  coupled with the problem of flash floods entering our house made them lose their peace of mind.

Hence, now, after my completion of post graduation, their induced dream of having a  second house in their name has been fulfilled.

Are they satisfied now? I hope so. I can see happiness on their faces.

So, about the story... I remember vaguely a part in that story where an old man, a bangle maker, says how proud he is of having at least a roof above their head. That to the old man was his biggest achievement.

I can relate well how some people measure their achievements through materialistic accrual.

The fact of the matter is looking at their happy and satisfied faces, I feel as if now they have no more regrets. More importantly, I am having a thought transformation gradually i.e. the thought of
 achieving something meaningful so that I do not have any regrets later on.

However, the problem is I have a tough time considering the art of amassing materials of any sort as an achievement.

For what will I regret later on when I have no desire for such achievements? Or can such desires be cultivated?

Perhaps I don't mingle much with the society and hence have not been maligned much with such desires. Perhaps society will also act as a catalyst for me to do things according to their norms the same way as it has done for my parents in making a second house.

I don't know...but whenever I sense any such change in me, this blog will be the first to witness that.


  1. It is true that the society induces a lot of desires in us. I too live a very secluded life and hence am contented with very few possessions.

    1. You are very lucky to have things around you according to your preference. I will be very fulfilled with my life if I were to do half of what you have done. i.e. providing seclusion to yourself.

  2. He he. Not very people understand that happiness is unconditional self realization. Rest all is going to disappear conditionally.

    I am sure you will pick and stick to worthy decisions. There are many from whom Buying a car is happiness while for many others, its reading a good book!

    1. Unconditional self realization...that's a very meaningful and profound phrase. Thanks prakash for putting in your thoughts.


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