Lutyen's media and Assam's hero worship

It is not my fault alone. A majority of our indigenous people in Assam has this fault.  We are in love with anyone from Assam who goes to mainstream India and makes a name there.

Do not believe  me? Check the list of the winners from any reality show. You will get at least one name from each show who has an origin in Assam. We love them so much that they come back to assam winning medals.

Hence it is not just my fault when I say I love Arnab so much. Whenever he returns to his home state he gets a treatment which even Amitabh Bacchan won't get. Amitabh's name came here for the uncanny side buns and long hair which our beloved Arnab adorns nowadays.

Anyway, jokes aside, I do feel a relief every time he targets the Lutyen media.  Such is the shameless state of Delhi based news channels that even a petty theft at a local gulley  in Delhi  becomes a national news.

It is because of these lutyen's media that we feel ignored. The only time any news from our state is featured is when there occurs a terrorist attack.  This has become such a common practice that people from other states, specially the northern states, think that we live amongst bomb blasts and bullet firings. Such has become the norm of these media houses that people start to believe that we live in jungals and tea gardens.

I guess there used to be a sense of anger in Arnab's rhetoric when he shouted at the lutyen's media. Although now he gives it an angle of pro secularism ( say sickularism). Anything done by the Delhi media is pro terrorist and pro Pakistan.

But no matter how much hero worship we do, even Goswami doesn't take heed to the plight of Assamese people. He fails to recognize the flood situation of Assam, he fails to recognize the infiltration in Assam, he fails to recognize Bodoland demands in Assam and he fails to recognize the gradual safronisation of Assam.


  1. It is true. News from north east is mostly ignored by our national media. Why north east, even the magnitude of flood and cyclones of Odisha are not given the importance it deserves. This has happened time and again.

    1. However when a dissent happens because of this negligence by the centre and the media likewise, the same media do not shy away from tagging anti nationalistic remarks.


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