My Aita ( grandmother)

" People are getting isolated from each other day by day" my paternal grandmother told me a week ago from today ( 19/04/17). I couldn't agree more.

She was taking a jibe at her children - my father, uncles and aunts.  She was at the 90 plus age and she had seen it all. She had seen her husband die from lack of proper medical treatment,  she had seen marriages and divorces, she had seen the frequent fights among her children to the extent of division of property and inclusion of boundaries,  she had seen her grandchildren from all of her sons and daughters and even a grand grand child.

She, my grandmother,  is the creator of our family lineage. Eight children from her blood! A big tree which, otherwise, looks beautiful from the outside, nonetheless.

Till two days ago she was just fine. I have never seen someone that healthy and  sharp at this age in which she was. But then she had a minor cardiac arrest which led her to hospitalization.

Now it is 6:10 am and we got the news of her demise at 3:20 am. This three hours have been a thought provoking period to me.

We all were pragmatically ready for this day since a long time back. But she was strong enough to give us her company since then to now.

I have seen two people from our family die under close quarters of my consciousness. My maternal grandpa and now my paternal grand ma.

My friends used to say that I have been lucky to have the company of both my grandmothers. Yes I have been! I have got fair amount of love from both of them but today one of them has left us on this earth to suffer alone without her presence.

" The judgment day will come very soon, my boy" she told me a week ago. She was well adept at reciting the whole Bhagwat Gita and had a belief in god, not the way others believe in it.

She believed in the law of karma, that god will punish those who have done wrong and would one should only do good things to others.

" she was a good human being, xuntu" my father told me while we were coming back from the hospital to change clothes and he continued " that is why God has given her a peaceful death"

I don't know about the role of God in it but yes, she got a very peaceful death without facing any agony of any sorts. Till the time she was alive she was all well and hearty and when she got ill, she died within a day.

This reminds me of Khuswant Singh's story which I once read in school.  He talked about how his grandmother was the luckiest to have met her death in peace.

Life is such. At times like this, I question the logic of life and try to embrace the absurdity the life gives instead. I don't know how much long I would live but if I do survive to see the next day and after that the next and so on, I promise myself to acknowledge each and every moment of my life and to shed away all the ill feelings that I harbor against others.

Life is short as such and only a few lucky people like my grandmother live till the end. Live life without malice, without hatred, without greed and without the fear of the end.


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