Oh look! How busy I am!

That was in the year 2013.  The HR whom I had known since my induction days at my company in Gurgaon visited our construction site in Dubai for motivating us or I don't know what.

It's funny how people pretend doing something to justify their jobs even when such things are not at all required in doing  their job under any circumstances.

Take a look at the HR for example. O! Was he something?  His mannerism, his attitude,  his dressing style, his heavily western accented English made me have this impression that he was a Head HR of some sorts.  That was what I thought about him back in Gurgaon.

How pretentious can one be was confirmed when the same HR conducted a seminar in the site where I was sent some months later.

Being my first job, I felt like the whole construction site depended on me. That not an iota of work could be done without me. That how would the project get completed if I happen to leave in the middle of it.  Won't it get toppled without me? Thought I.

I started picking up any and every kind of work at the site just to make myself feel important. After all, would the company have not suffered if I did not do such works?

But then came Mr. HR who during his presentation bursted my inflated bubble. He directly pointed at me, as if I was a lab rat for an experiment to show to his audience how even a new employee can get muddled up at being so busy without actually doing any significant work.

He was right . I did think highly of myself at that time. I remember how I used to carry bundles of engineering drawing sheets from one place to another just to show others the amount of important activities that I was involved in.

But I thank him now for showing me an important aspect of human beings. The tendency of the modern beings to show their busy schedule. To show their own inflated bubbles.

Now whenever I see a person running to and fro without having even the time to look at their watches, I remind myself that everyone is a lab rat in this world running circles on a wheel.

And speaking newtonian for a second, the work done running in a circle from a point to the same point is zero. Null. Void.

Happy running my dear fellow rats.


  1. Ha ha.. Those busy beings for the sake of it.

    We all are rats! rats!

    1. Yes we are rats prakash:) evolution has gone negative and made us into a primitive mammal again.

  2. People run because the rat race is real. I used to be absolutely bored with HR people coming and lecturing us (staff) about various things most of which were of no use to anyone. We listened because we had no choice. Life continued as usual after the HR programmes.

    1. Isn't the rat race quite delusional? Rat race lead us to make the resources more scarce and more important than they need to be.

      HR people are the most fake people out there. Their very job is to make fool out of people and to break confidence of others


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