The food scientist

It was quite a tedious day for Dr. Harish Tripathi. His team of scientists got their first experimental results on animal fats.  The results were quite satisfactory,  according to the entire team.

The entire nation was going into a meat crisis. People were angry at the government for not providing sufficient flesh to them. The right to have flesh, red delicious flesh, was not being looked at properly by the centre.

For a short period,  the government tried importing flesh of cows and pigs from outside. But the recent war with the neighbouring country had taken a toll at its financial condition.

The country had a very huge population but the food resources were limited.  Not that there was any scarcity of rice,  pulses and green vegetables. What was becoming increasingly scarce were the cows and the pigs. People apparently wanted to exercise their right to have any food they wanted. But can rice, pulses and green leafy vegetables be considered food? These are the food of pigs and cows and not of human beings!  Human beings are designed to eat flesh. Human beings are also animals. Civilised but carnivorous animals!

The taste of red meat is very different from any other food. What makes it have a unique delicious taste is its fat. Different animals have different amounts of fat on their skins. Also, the quality of fats varies from animal to animal.

"Human beings are also animals"  shouted Dr. Harish at his team of scientists who were not able to find a solution to the food crisis. The government wanted to use its limited resources at developing a way to mass produce delicious red meat. The government knew that it cannot keep on importing flesh from outside at such exorbitant amount. The economy of various nations were starting to be decided based on the availability of cows and pigs. The era of oil resources was starting to get replaced by flesh resources.

The strict orders from the Ministry of red meat to find a solution within a month led Dr. Harish, who was the head scientist of the department of red meat science and technology,  biting his nails. His frustration was evident when he shouted at his team.

"Human beings are also animals!  If you cannot find a way to mass produce cows and pigs then find another animal"

And then it clicked!  The eureka moment for the head scientist. The answer was hidden in those words.

He ordered his team to find out the fat quality of human flesh and compare the results with that of cows and pigs.

That was a tedious day for Dr. Harish. His team of scientists got their first experimental results on the fat.

Sitting on his recliner wearing his reading glasses he opened the envelope containing the results.  The data sheet that he saw had  a series of readings in tables and graphs.  But he was interested in the last row, in the results section.

It read "...the specimen has 54 % similarities with pigs."

The nation had a huge population.  According to the recent reports more than half of the population was unproductive. "Who cares about unproductive animals! " chuckled Dr. Harish.

He called the senior scientist of his team in the middle of the night.

"Listen carefully,  the results of the specimen is not satisfactory.  It has a higher percentage resemblance to pigs. I want you to study the fat quality in details and find a solution to change the fat quality percentage according to the taste of the buyers.

"Who cares about the unproductive animals anyway" he chuckled again.



  1. Omg its scary. Bt such beautifully penned down.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. Things are becoming scary for real. Thanks :)

  3. Man has played god with genetics so much that he can actually create life. As Yuval Noah Harari says in conclusion to his book 'Sapiens', we are now irresponsible gods, very dangerous creatures with immense powers but little morality. So anything is possible.

    1. That's one book which has been talked about a lot everywhere. I haven't read it yet but your posts on it has made its place on my to-read list.
      Things that modern beings can do has become very scary. That's one reason which would let more people into religion and god vs evil in the future, according to me

    2. This story reminds me of Charlton Heston starred movie, Solyent Green (1973). In a futuristic world where food is scarce, the need to provide nutrients is met with human flesh! I strongly disagree with fastidious attitudes towards food. Sure, as long as it medically fit to consume and do not harm you in any way, one should just eat what comes his way, vegetarian, non-vege, beef, no-beef, halal or haram. But who am I to say?

    3. To say something for or against it would create a ruckus amongst the purists. Right from kerela to meghalaya, a simple preference of food is causing a havoc. Obviously, the beneficiaries would be the political parties.

      It seems this is the new alternative to communal riots.

  4. There was a time, when food was a necessity to survive and now its become a tool for politics and meaningless debates

    1. True. A fight over food! How sorry the state of politics has become in our country.

    2. It used to be that we eat to live, and we feel grateful. Now we live to it, spend way too much, show everyone, have competitions of who can make the best dish, waste it and still complain that the food sucks!


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