The slaves of a fictitious syndicate

When a loved one passes away, it can be understood that the people who loved that person dearly may not feel hunger, may not feel the need to sleep at all and to take pleasure in materialistic comforts. It is understood that to show respect to the dead and to remember the memories associated with that person, people related to the dead come together and pay a homage.

But then happens the entry of a fictitious entity. I don't know the headquarters of that organisation but it is named as the society. This organisation doesn't let a person do what he feels right for his well being and for others well being as well. This organisation like many others seek rules and structure which can be imposed on individuals.

Like for example, one cannot eat anything which might give gluttonous pleasures to the mouth till a formal ritual for the dead has not been done. But then, after the series of ritual one can eat whatever one wants.

So the societal rules will dictate a period of when to eat and what to eat. But how are they going to decide the extent of grief a person has undergone?  How are they going to decide the period of mourning one requires to perform?

Yes, one performs mourning! I doubt if anyone shows the genuine emotions when they are in the presence of society. I didn't feel like crying when my grandmother passed away. I do not express my sorrows that way. And I know that there are many who cannot cry loudly to express the loss of a dear one. But I look at people who perform the act of crying quite dexterously and I ask myself what the heck is wrong with me!

Today, in the morning I expressed my anguish to my family by saying how these rules are being changed with the changing needs of the majority.  But how the rules do not look at the wants and says of an individual. Why can't they let an individual to at least express their sorrows, pains, agony, misery, plight, hopelessness and loss the way one wants. A structure of routines imposed on one can take away whatever little genuine emotions one might have.

The fictitious organisation, society, comes even before God for it even dictates what hymns and chants out of a zillion, from the organised play list,  should one sing along for different rituals to appease a fictitious superman/woman. 


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