The toilers and my whys

Some people just like to toil hard day in and day out. Come rain or scorching heat, come storm or fire balls , they would just keep on moving,  keep on doing things which may not even matter in the long run, which might just affect their health more than anything else.

Why do they do so, I ask myself?  Why do they have to work hard that much? Not that they are getting any monetary benefits out of it. Not that they are getting any praises for it. But yet they spend their last bit of energy reserved at doing chores which are not needed at all. Not that not doing those things would make the world fall into pieces.

Yet why, I ask myself.

Some are a bit more than just toilers. They are complaining toilers. First they would work their backs off throughout the day and when they get to talk to someone they would complain how much they are in pain for working under such strenuous conditions.  They would cry how much their work is needed and yet how excruciatingly  difficult their work is and then finally how they carry the sole burden of doing those back biting work.

I never understood and that is why I am asking why they do what they do to spite even the self centred beings like me. 


  1. That's how people are. I have seen people who torture themselves with unnecessary agonies. Aren't we preprogrammed to a good extent?

    1. Yes, until and unless we do not question ourselves, we won't be able to come out of these preprogrammed behaviors.


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