Theory 2- some discussions and a cue

After a lot of reading, I have figured out how to convert a fuzzy problem into probability problem thereby making sure to put in the essence of fuzzy random nature of tolerance level of an equipment without compromising on the mathematical integrity of probabilistic assessment which can't be avoided.

Seems like there are already two papers which have mentioned this method. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it has reduced my efforts of finding out the same method and bad because my paper will now have a lesser element of originality.

But still, I have a scope of originality. That is, the mathematics don't take into account the variation of membership function according to the variation of the environment of a model. That is this method has simply taken a triangular membership function without putting much effort in stating the reason why.

I have taken the snapshot of my summary . You can see how the triangular membership function is a precursor to all the parameters of the mathematical model.

Now an equipment is much more than a model. It has factors affecting its performance. It has different sensitivities to outside stimuli. One cannot simply take a triangular membership function to predict its behavior.

This is a cue for me to figure out a way to incorporate the variation of environment in the formula. I have thought of an idea. But let's leave that to tomorrow.  


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