Theory 3 - Relearning and poor memory

There comes a time when one is forced to account the years wasted in educating oneself. Education to me had always been a cumulative affair.

One learns every day and one never looks back at the bygone days to relearn the same thing again. I thought relearning a thing is a waste of time.

Oh ! How wrong I was. And how pathetic I feel of myself at having to relearn everything. I am not bright enough to have a good memory. I tend to forget everything.

It comes as an embarrassment to myself when I fail to remember the name of the person I am talking to. I am definitely not a bright individual.

Why do I keep on forgetting things? Do I not care about the things I learn? I am a bundle of contradiction.

Anyway,  I had to revisit the calculus again for understanding the mathematics. I stumbled a lot at understanding the derivations. Now how can I expect myself to remember the integration of a normal distribution function having a standard deviation and a mean, when I can't remember the name of my neighbors?

So, I wasted hours of my life relearning those fretful advanced calculus. And like an old school I did the step wise formulation of the algorithm used in the base paper.

Here is the summary of what I learnt at the end. For an iteration of n= 11 , calculations in excel sheet would be enough but for n tending to a large number (2000s) , I would have to take the help of MATLAB.


However,  this is not even my work. This is the work of the base paper. I want to see If my understanding of the mathematics gives the same result or not. If it gives a similar result,  then I can go ahead with some minor tweaks to the algorithm.

My main aim is to add the variation of environmental conditions to the formula. Let's see how it works out! 


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