Too late for a review!

I am quite late for this review. Actually, this is not even a review, as I like to call such posts a commentary to stories.

There was an Indiblogger campaign for candid reviews of a book a few months ago (or perhaps a year ago).

The publishers of the book launched a website where they displayed the entire content of the book for the purpose of review.

The idea itself was good and I thought that the website will be locked after the review competition, but two days back I happened to click on the link given in Indiblogger review section  and to my surprise the website was still open.

Earlier,  when the competition was going on, I refused to read the book after the first chapter for I found the writing quite pretentious. I mean, who writes a melodramatic note when one is going through depression?

But two days ago, I reread the first chapter again if not for anything else than to refresh my memory of what actually was the book all about.

I confess,  I didn't find the first chapter that pretentious after my second read. People express their depressions through different ways. Some quit writing (blogging)  and some start writing.

Right now I am on the 9 th chapter and I have really got myself immersed into the plot.  Although the book seems more like a Young Adult book, but there is nothing utopian or dystopian about it.

I started this post to comment on a chapter given in the book. The chapter on the role play between Draupadi and Caesar. I found it quite interesting and it touched essential issues of feminism and chauvinism.

However, given that I have already reached a too-boring-to-write-more part of the post, I would give a commentary to the chapter in a future blog.

Here is the link to the website:


  1. Not a memorable book. Though I reviewed it at that time I can't recall anything about the book now.

    1. If you get some time, you should revisit at least the 7th chapter of the book, given that you have written a lot about Cleopatra.


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