What am I reading now?

Two weeks ago, I purchased a Hindi book online on Amazon by Premchand. No points in guessing!  It is "Godan".

So I am reading this book at a very slow pace. That might be because of my limited reading habits in Hindi and also the tough local Hindi dialect that has been used in the book.

A week ago, I finished reading "the story of a suicide"  by Aiyer and apart from one really good chapter, I didn't like the book that much. Specially the urgency of the characters to come to the end of the book. Suicide is a very serious topic and writers should not mess with such topics by overtly justifying stupid reasons for suicide.  I might write a review about it in the coming days but it won't be a good kid gloved review that others had written for the sake of winning prizes from the competition.  I think they didn't even read the entire book to write the review.  But I have no business with such reviews and people, so will stay out of it.

I pre ordered the new book by Amish Tripathi called S ta, The warrior.  It is the second book in the Ram chandra collection.  I am eager to read it. It is not about the author's writing that I am fond of but his characterisation of Gods and Goddesses in the mortal forms. He brings them to the ground,  devoid them of mysterious powers and  brings in some physics to explain the magical bows, arrows, and atom bombs.

Hence my next read will be that book. But I have forgotten the detailed plot of the first book and hence I will be picking up his first book from my shelf to go through it again.

 Here is my reading list for the next month:
  1. Sita, the warrior by Amish Tripathi
2. Godan by Munshi Premchand
3. Zorba the greek (if I get the book delivered by the next month)
4. A room with a view ( I have this book with me, but somehow wasn't able to pick it up)

My reading habits had taken a back seat over the months and I should really get back to my old self. It is always better to remain in ones old skin than to wear someone else's. 


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