What is self confidence?

What is self confidence?

It is not about the desperation to get something anyhow by any means of any hook or crook.

It is about knowing fully at the onset that you will fail. You will fail miserably with each and every step but yet it's about having a belief that you will be able to make it.

It's not about being intelligent or genius or clever or extrovert .

It is about how far you are willing to push yourself towards the edge of the insanity.

It is not about finding an easy way out

It is about experiencing the path that you took in the journey and making the best out of it.

You might never make it large but you can die trying.  You can have a satisfaction of being courageous at the adverse situations in life.

Life is composed of time. A man made concept of suggesting that the entropy of the universe is increasing incessantly.

No one can stop the entropy, no one can stop the chaos and no one can stop the random events thrown at you.

If it throws you a stone, it will be your self confidence that would urge you to build a shield against it or throw it back as a weapon. It will be your self confidence that would stop you from lamenting over the stone that life has thrown at you.

Give it to me all that you got! I will keep fighting till my last breath to achieve my dreams. I am insane and I don't care a fudge at what the stone thrower thinks about it.

This is self confidence.  If you have got other definition about it then keep it with yourself. I am under a big bubble. I will make it impermeable against your definitions.

Because I am confident. Confident enough to see through the end of the life and realise that if it were to be that meaningless then one can do anything to give a meaning to it.

I am confident enough to give meaning to it. And I don't care if my meaning is different than yours.


  1. Totally agree with your points, very much logical and scientific(entropy one). The beginning line is very strong.

    1. I knew from your posts that you love physics as well. Thanks :)

  2. Indeed without such undaunted self-confidence we are sure to be stuck somewhere in the twilight region.... Enjoyed this post particularly.

    1. The benefit of blogging has been to find some like minded individuals and also to understand certain things in a better light. One of them is the meaning of life. Although it is a ln ongoing understanding.


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