A leg day!

A while ago, I came across an article on the extent of hue and cry the trollers had undergone because of the audacity of Priyanka Chopra, a film actor, for showing her legs to Narendra Modi, a prime minister.

These attacks came from the people who are educated enough to use latest gadgets and argumentative enough to raise issues of rape cases. The trollers in the internet are not the laid back uneducated unsophisticated villagers. In fact the villagers won't go down to that level on any social forum, for they have better kind of work than such trolls. They are not that jobless.

This incident left me wondering the extent of flashing skins that is considered okayish in different places. In some places, showing even the skin of her face might be considered as vulgar while in some other places coming in two pieces of clothes is appropriate as long as one is not completely naked.

Who decides the appropriateness of the type of clothes women wear? The crusaders of decency?  The right wing political parties ? Religion?  Education?  Television? Who?

Why is it that her coming in a beautiful yet short dress and sitting crossed leg in front of our PM is considered inappropriate?  Did she try provoking our PM with a sexual undertone ?

What is wrong with people?

The article further mentions how Miss Chopra counters those attacks by posting another pic of hers in short dress sitting cozily with her mother.  She tagged that pic with a caption that said "legs for days".

A brilliant rebuttal to the troll mongers.  Let live others in peace! Why do you have to judge everyone and anyone that you come across?  Utter stupidity! 


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