A photo studio

A decade ago, there used to be a photo studio in our locality. It was named as the college photo studio.  The name was suggestive of how popular the studio was among the college going students.

The interior of that studio felt like a setup for a movie.  There were four huge rooms with different wallpapers on all the walls it had. There were even models of bikes and cars in one or two corners. Those rooms were always crowded with people from different places with different jobs with different stories.  Some would come for wedding photos,  some with their children,  some with their grandparents and some would come alone to freeze a glimpse of their lives on the frame.

For representation 

The studio operator used to be very busy with several assignments in his bag. One had to make appointments to book a corner of the studio at his place. The demand for photos would grow exponentially during festivals when people from all the nooks and corners of the area would land themselves at his door in high hopes of capturing moments of happiness that they might have had.

Today, that studio has been changed to a huge dish TV showroom. People would come in numbers to buy an instrument of entertainment which would perhaps help them  alleviate the tragedies of their mundane life.

The shop got me thinking what would be replaced next as even the dish TVs would soon become an object of fond memories to some younger observers.


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