Biasing of Transistors and Meditation

A transistor is a three terminal device. Quite odd right? We have always been around devices which are of two terminals. A positive and a negative. A white and a black. We have seen loads which work only when supplied with a two wire power source.  We call such sources as single phase source.

But transistor is a three terminal device. It is odd. Just the way our brain is odd. Everything that we do, we think, we worry about happens because of our brain, that I consider as a device.  The only device, the collective contribution of which shapes the dynamics of our world. We live in a world formed by the connection of various such devices called as brain.

We also live in a world which is ruled by digital equipment.  We live in a digital world! A world full of circuitry, full of tiny little blocks interconnected to each other. These blocks are formed by the interconnection of transistors, which are a three terminal device. 

But what is the secret behind the accurate working of transistors, those little insignificant three terminal devices, marvelously, when the same cannot be said about the collective working of the brain?  The hatred, anger, jealousy, insecurity and depression result in the malfunctioning of the interconnected system (riots, wars and massacres)

Not that the transistors do not malfunction.  They do, but they are quite robust to noises. For the perfect operation of the transistors there is a way of conduct they need to undergo,  each and every time. It is called as biasing.

Biasing! But doesn't the word sound prejudiced? Perhaps,  there should be an element of bias of some sort to get stability and robustness in the functioning of transistors and human beings alike.

Biasing in transistors means the inclusion of a constant DC voltage across two of its terminal ( Base and emitter, for example)  with or without the presence of an input signal.  The concept of biasing in transistor is an elaborate topic and if one has to talk about the essence of it, then it can be said that it is that constant DC voltage that is given across the two terminals of the three terminal device that keeps the entire transistor awake and energised to any kind of external input signal.

If one removes the biasing from the transistor,  the transistor would start malfunctioning. It is the biasing, which ease the acceptance of a signal, which analyses the signal, which amplifies the signal, which observes the signal and take action accordingly.

I feel, meditation to human mind does the same thing as the DC voltage biasing to the transistor.  The human mind can also be thought of as a three terminal device ( it can be multi terminal but I am only focused on the single tasking individuals). Two of its terminal should,  according to me be given a constant biasing to have the desired properties of a transistor. 

But what is biasing in meditation?  It is the constant observation of the self through the inner two terminals (eyes). Isn't it same as the application of a constant DC voltage across the two inner terminals of the transistor?

The biasing, that is, the constant observation of the self, I believe would lead a human mind to analyse any external noise / signal, amplify it as required and then take action for the output.

A self bias is needed for an individual to remain awake to the environment around him. A bias of inner awareness.  A bias of inner wisdom. A bias of unprejudiced observation!  


  1. Seeing the diagrams transported back to 1974-75 my first year of engineering :)

  2. I guess you would relate well with the biasing of things :)


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