Ek paye nupur amar- the song and a memory

A song popped up in the IP messenger of my computer. The sender was named DG. Of course, I knew the guy. He was a Bangladeshi citizen who had came to our college in the international exchange program that our institute followed.  Our institute housed students from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and even Uganda. In a way, this was a great opportunity for Indian students to have an experience of diversity on top of our Indian diversity.

The song was named as "ek paye nupur.mp3". Back in those days, we didn't have whatsapp messengers! We didn't even have high speed internet.  What we had, however,  was an intricate LAN connection which poked its nose inside each and every single room of each and every hostel that was established inside our institute campus. IP messenger,  in which the song popped up, was on of those softwares which worked because of the interconnected LAN system of our hostels.

The DG named guy, the Bangladeshi one, had his room diagonally opposite to mine. Given the reclusiveness I exhibited, much against my wish, it never let people to interact with me that frequently and that openly.  However, I had recently purchased a 2.1 sub woofer music system for my room and since then my room would echo sounds of music 24 x 7, although in a volume audible to only the rooms surrounding mine.

I opened the IP messenger and downloaded the song. Since, like most of the time, I didn't have anything important to do, I played the song immediately.

Did you ever fall in love with songs, the language of which is unknown to you? Songs, such songs like these, make me realise that music transcends the barriers of human language!

I fell in love with the song! I, with some inhibition called DG ( much later I got to know that it was a short form of Demi God, a name with which he used to play Counter strike and DOTA games over LAN)

" That's a wonderful song! Can you translate the lyrics to me?" I asked DG. A wide grin appeared across his face. In some way he always resembled to me like the laughing Buddha, but that grin confirmed the resemblance even more.

"Sure, why not!" he told me while dragging the lonely chair kept in the corner of my room towards my table.

It has been years since then. That small incident, that song and that meaning has been etched on my mind, it seems.

Here is my attempt to loosely translate the song. This song is a conversation between a boy and a girl who are deeply in love with each other. The song sings about their feelings, pain, aspirations and fear. So here it goes:

(The girl)

One leg, an anklet that I have
I have none on the other
A sea on one side
Only sands on the other
Tell me, dear!
Would you take me
In your small boat?

(The boy)

Will bring you the moon!
That I won't say
 You are a princess! 
That I won't say

The only thing I ask 
Would you be with me?
When there is storm ?
You see! 
I do have a small boat!
Tell me, would you come with me then?

(The girl) 

Not in false hope
Not in love alone
Not in meaningless blind love, though! 

I know!
I know that you and I
And our boat is still in mere friendship
But still, would you take me?
In your small boat?

I know !
If you like another ray of moon light
This song would become blurry
You and your boat would go away
And won't come back again
Does it matter how much I love you?
You will be far away!
Far away!
That I have learnt.


  1. Beautiful song, just listened to it! Loved the lyrics. And, that was a beautiful translation...thanks to Demi God... :-D

    1. It is indeed beautiful, isn't it? I am surprised that even the Bengali community in our nation is not much aware of this song. Bangladesh has one thing which is great, and that is their songs. :)


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