Melancholic nostalgia on window seats

I hate to travel on a bus unless I am offered a window seat. I have always been a window person. I think a window seat and a road through boulevard of vast greenery are a treat to those who do not like talking to people who sit beside them.

I cannot do much reading when on a moving bus. But it is not always that only reading gives me solace. When everything in this world, through the window glass, moves past me at a considerable speed, the reminiscence of past that it brings to my mind gives me a gossamer of nostalgia which eventually cajoles me into the zen like peace, the pauses of tranquility!

Why do we reflect our past when we see the artwork of relative motion in progress? Why do we go back to our place of origin when the trees, houses, mountains and clouds move past us? Why?

We are but what memories we have! Do we not work our way through this world for the sake of gathering some handful of memories? Yes, we wish to gather happy memories, but just like the minuscule sand particles that come inadvertently with a sea shell of pearl on our hand, we in the process bag many a sad memories.

But it is okay, my friend! It is really okay to have sad memories, to have heart breaks, loss of valuables, pain of deprivations and jocularity of oxymoron. It is really okay.

With such assortment of memories, the journey on the bus and in this life becomes a pleasant melancholic nostalgia.



  1. The mental consequences in a window seat of a running vehicle penned very nicely.
    I think, though we are in forward mode but the passing trees and the other things those we can view has intense effects in our minds...a relativistic effect...may be.

    1. Yes Jyotirmoy. It is just like the concept of resonance. We get tuned into the pace of that backward motion.

  2. The window seat offers much to look at unlike the other seats. Long back when I was working in Shillong, I used to occupy the window seat and read away page after page of some novel because the buses in Shillong would travel at the speed of about 20km per hour. Probably I read the maximum number of books sitting in those buses!

    1. The curves of those roads are more seductive than any other curves :)
      I think you have had a pleasant experience in shillong with its beautiful locations, weather, music and religious beliefs ( I know you are atheistic enough to not consider the last point, but even then)


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