Strength in ignorance

The absurdity and wretchedness of what a system can do to to a human life can be best understood from the book "The Trial" by Franz Kafka. The protagonist of the novel, Mr. K, one day like a bolt out of the blue gets a court order for an unknown crime which he had no idea of committing. The story then goes on to show a series of despondent events with a suicidal level of absurdity that the system throws at the face of Mr. K.
Most of the time, it is not the innocence that a person is worried about when he gets caught up in a legal procedure, specially when it is related to a criminal offense which cannot be proved immediately. It is the after affects of such criminal accusations and legal paraphernalia which defeats an innocent person in the outset itself.
One might say that it is the course of the law that takes necessary actions and a government can never have a hand at it. And even if the government does have a hand at it, what harm would Mr. Prannoy Roy face if he is innocent? The biggest threat a news channel can face is the withdrawal of some fancy capitalist companies from awarding advertising contracts to it as well as losing the credibility of the channel in the entire process. It is not hidden from anyone, how CBI is a mere puppet of the central government. And let's just accept the fact that it is much easier to accuse a person of a crime nowadays than in the earlier days because of the whistle blowing policies and many such, albeit strong, anti graft laws.
With the rising alteration of facts & figures, sale 1984 has skyrocketed
The more I hear such news, the more I remind myself that I can do nothing but to remain as the Orwellian donkey under the leadership of a big brother.


  1. If I remember, somewhere Osho has said that every journalist is a failed politician. Journalists have their own way of getting on to the politicians and vice versa. In this melee, we will never know the truth.

    Especially in India, the press is in as sorry a state (morally and ethically) as politics. The only competition is who can get dirtier, get more money and power and make more fools out of the common men.

    1. True. How can a citizen get to know the absolute truth when the press becomes a bigger liar than a politician.

      Also, what we are seeing now is a classification of lies in two categories : one against the government and one for the government.

      I agree that it is the dirty money which rules the roost at the end.

  2. In an Orwelian state, anyway, there's no hope for anyone who points an accusing finger at the Big Brother even if he is innocent.

    1. With the attitude of our global leaders, things from those two books are making more sense than ever.


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