Unboxing a parcel of happiness

It had been months since I purchased any book from online store. There was a time , I guess around 2009-2011 when books used to come at a very discounted price. The online shopping company,  Flipkart, during that period, had got a sudden fame for the collection of all sorts of books they had, that too at a dirt cheap price with zero courier charges. Since we were staying in a hostel, we would purchase books collectively thus creating a big book haul event! Ah! I miss those hostel days.

When the book parcel arrived at my doorstep earlier in the morning , I absentmindedly took our kitchen scissors to strip the parcel open and  have a look at the freshly reached warm books that I was anticipating since a week. But on that very second, just after tearing the cover, I thought of taking some pictures of my happiness in unboxing the book parcel.

 As you can see, it is the "Ministry of utmost happiness"  that I saw the moment I opened the parcel. The happiest moment was the realisation that it is a hardcover book that I received!! I was not expecting a hardcover at a price of INR 350.  The back cover showed a price of INR 600; guess, I got the book at a discounted price which was when I had a reminiscence of the book haul events we had had in the bygone years at our hostels.

Along with the book by Arundhati Roy, I also got myself " The old man and the sea" by Ernest Hemmingway. However, the parcel didn't contain one more book that I ordered along with these, that is the " Catcher in the Rye" by J.D Salinger.

I am excited to read the books. The back cover of the book The Ministry of utmost happiness  says

"How to tell a shattered story?
By slowly becoming everybody.
By slowly becoming everything"

 Of course, like the best dish that is devoured at the end, I would read the book by A. Roy after reading the other books. For now I am going to start the book " Sita, the warrior of Mithila" by Amish Tripathi which arrived a week ago. I have just finished re reading the first book of the same series, i.e. "The scion of Ishkavaku" which refreshed my rusted memory a bit. There are interesting themes presented in the first book and I would review it on a subsequent blog post.


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    1. Thanks a lot. Waiting for book suggestions from you :)

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