What it takes for a blogger to survive

I have been in and around this blogosphere since almost a year, if one takes the sum total of the number of posts I have written till now. I also had a sabbatical (I would not call it one, but let's leave it at that) for months before I started blogging again.

I regret for not starting the blogging journey much earlier. When I see some bloggers still continuing their hobby of blogging, I feel a sense of solidarity with them. I feel like asking them how their blogging journey throughout their life has effected their thoughts and actions. I can only see them getting more wise and matured with the passage of time. I do want to be like them, mature and wise.

For me, being actively present in this world of blogging, has helped me learn so many facets of life and their meanings. I have learned about wonderful books, poems, dreams, aspirations, failure, success and anecdotes of all sorts. I have learned about people from different places more than what I could have from my limited and reclusive real life interactions.

Coming back to the title of this post, What it takes for a blogger to survive?

I guess the one most important thing required for the survival of a blogger is the availability of time! We all have time, but most of us do not know how to prioritize. I have had issues with allocating time to bogging as it takes two to three hours of my life in pursuing this hobby. Not only do I need to write, but also to read a lot! Reading is the most essential part of blogging, according to me. I read blogs, news articles and novels. Part of the reason for reading is actually my habit but the second reason is the constant need to identify myself in those texts! I suffer from the need to validate my thoughts with written materials.

However, ever since I bought myself a smart phone with a bigger screen size, my life has become easier. Now, I do not need to dedicate a specific two to three hours of my time just for blogging. I can have a peek at this world of blogging at any time I want, no matter what I am doing and also I can carry some of my novels in my pocket.

The second important thing required is the topic for blogging. I do not think it is tough for a habitual reader to find out topics for blog posts, but what I found difficult was to write down the ideas my muse delivered, immediately. I relied too much on my poor memory for recalling those ideas later on.

But now it is all sorted! I have a writing pad on my mobile where I jot down the topics that I find interesting enough to write about.

These topics have popped up in my mind during certain odd hours but now I can manage to write them down as soon as they come. It is much similar to catching Pokemon things with smart phones, that came into news not so while ago.

Finally, what it takes for a blogger to survive? It takes interest to blog!

Happy blogging. 


  1. For those who have taken up blogging as a hobby, availability of spare time is certainly a main factor

    1. Very true. It is not quite same with that of other hobbies like stamp collection, reading books, singing or dancing. Blogging is not a stand alone hobby and therefore it takes more time than that in others.

  2. A blogger who considers this his hobby would surely survive.. his blogs may be few over time but then he would do so now and then. I say that because i am one of those guys who has been inconsistent :)

    1. Well, then you must be inconsistently regular 😁.
      Thanks for visiting here, Ramesh. Of course it is the interest which never let a hobby to die.

  3. Blogging keeps me alive, so to say. There are three things I do passionately: teaching reading and blogging. My students are a tremendous source of joy for me as is reading. Blogging can sometimes be frustrating especially when you write your best and nobody cares while a shoddy post of yours may draw undue attention.

    1. Thanks for writing on the thing I was most curious about. How do bloggers deal with no readership or readers who are not tuned to a bloggers articles? Do the bloggers write for the readers or for themselves? If they write for themselves, can they nor write it on a diary? I am intrigued about such things and more related to blogging as a hobby.
      I am continuing this hobby apart from reading is because perhaps the engagement will bring clarity which I lack to most of the extent.


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