A phony catcher in the adulthood

One thing I hate is to do weekly vegetable shopping. I hate going to any place with school of people roaming like vegetable seeking zombies on a big area with makeshift tents of vegetable shops. I hate bargaining as well. Yes, I am full of hatred! But that hatred is a transient affair and when I get isolated from them, I return to my usual calm lackadaisical reticence.

The vegetable market I am talking about was situated on the outskirt of our Institute where I was working as a contractual buffoon. I stayed with a friend of mine in a quarter allotted by that institute. I would be okay most of the time with him, as a roommate. I am always okay with one or two person at a time, not thousands of people! So, I mostly remained okay with him except for the D day! the vegetable shopping day!

What he would do, he would come to my table and would put the stupid shopping bag atop it. That used to be the damn sign for me to move my lazy back off the table and accompany him to the market. He is a nice fellow, just irritating as hell when it comes to shopping for vegetables. But I had no other option. You see, we were living under the same roof and hence had to share the burden of food. Sometimes I wonder how irritating it would be to live with a member of opposite gender. A girl, I tell you, is equal to thousands of men and I am a peace loving person who cannot tolerate hullabaloo of a thousand folks.

So that day, as I was carrying the bag of vegetables with me on the back side of our second hand bike, he riding it, I asked him if he ever feels like an adult. He was chewing paan at that time so didn't care a hoot answering me. I asked him again, this time loudly, if he ever felt like an adult. He slowed the bike, threw the disgustingly dark red blood peek and shouted "Of course I do, I am an adult and I have several responsibilities ranging from vegetable shopping to carrying a lazy person behind this bike "

I knew he was horsing around. He loved horsing around with me. Not that I didn't. I have changed a lot now, but I also loved horsing around but not as much as our old Holden from the novel The catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.

Holden is everything that I am and some more that I couldn't be because of certain phoniness that I have learnt to carry with me. People are fake. You go to a vegetable market, for example, and you will see people coming down from big cars and all and bargaining with the poor folks. These same bargainers do not worry spending money on VATs and all but they just have to bargain with them poor folks! So much sophistication and bourgeois!

I wish I had read this book earlier. It would have saved me some bouts of depressions that I suffered. I simply loved this book. I have lots to talk about this book and even thousands of posts won't cover my thoughts on this book.

This book has teenagers, phony adults, intelligent and genuine children and a hopeful catcher in the rye who wants to protect the children from falling from the cliff and losing their innocence and originality.

"But who wants to grow old and dumb?" thought I when my friend said those wise words to me while being on the bike but I didn't say it loud for I am also a phony adult, unfortunately. Sigh!


  1. I notice a streak in that rambling to which I can relate. There is a lot I had soaked from that book but precious nothing that I could put into practice. You might realise this if you read the Who-am-I? blurb at my blog. Now why do I feel like a click-baiter? Your discourse on the vegetable markets infested with bipeds is enriching.

    1. I just read the blurb. I relate to the last dot with the last paragraph that you have written. We are anything but observers! How far can we uphold the fragility of meaningfulness? Most of the time we just take the role of that donkey in the Animal Farm of Orwell.
      I will never agree to the click bait comment of yours, I have not been baited (is the word correct?), I have been validated with my thoughts.

    2. We are observers, not anything but!! We are observers!

  2. I too hate being in any place with three or more people around. Thankfully there's no bargaining in Kerala so you just ask for the veg you want and the shopkeeper picks a bunch from the top (you have no choice in that matter either) you just pay and walk away. Salinger's Holden is someone who both loves and hates the world. He would love the world if it were built in his own image, so to say. I find the world funny, too funny even for a hearty laugh!

    1. Is it so? You know, your mentions of Kerela somewhere muddles my entices my to shift my base permanently to that place where I will get to remain peacefully throughout my insignificant span of life. I was even looking for jobs as a lecturer there in advertisements and all, but I have this impression that the regional language would be a barrier for the recruiters to entertain my wish.

      But is it not correct that we all desire the world to work according to us? Some have learnt the hard lesson that it won't work the way they want and the others who haven't have suffered series of depressions and suicidal tendencies.


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