An apparition from a book

There were many things I resented after reading, for the second time in my adulthood, the much acclaimed book The alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. In fact, I went ahead with a blog post some years ago to vent out my bitterness against that book. But as it happens with most of the books, the mind stores (or rather gets haunted by) apparitions of various memorable characters, even from the worst books.

Today it so happened that I received some books through parcel and my happy harmones started kicking around when I saw that all of the books had a significant volume of pages glued together at their stiff spines. The thickest of them is the book by James Joyce - Ulysses.

I asked myself the reason for that happiness when I saw the thick volumes of books. Somewhere from a dormant recess of my mind the apparition of that shepherd boy from The Alchemist resurfaced to give answer to the reason behind those spiky bursts of happiness. The shepherd loved reading books. Most of the time he would be seen with a thick book in his hands. The thick book was his best friend, his only friend apart from the sheep.

Is there any word for the sadness that one feels when a novel comes to its last page? I feel sad while parting away from the books with which I establish a deep connection. I feel empty and lonely from within, afterwards, by being with mere intangible apparitions taken out from those books.

And that is why, perhaps, I became delighted when I saw the thicker books this evening.

With just Ulysses I can have at least a two months long journey. I have read a lot about how difficult it is to have a sense of this novel. But it is a double source of my happiness, because more the difficult a book is, more is the time taken to relish each and every page.

I have also purchased The Kafka on the shore and Wuthering heights. I still haven't started reading The ministry of utmost happiness. With so many books on my to-be -read list, I hope I will have a very fulfilling journey through out till the end of this year.


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