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An escape from Dalitism

Gods and their abodes, religions do not go down through my throat that well. The moment I hear something related to them, my stomach starts making thousands of knots and the bile rushes through my poor oesophagus and I start throwing my metaphoric acerbity, surreptitiously although, at them.

The reason why this blog of mine had its name changed from "the musings of an atheist" was because I decided to get away from that filth at least on my blog if not in a life of stones and pebbles. But human beings are a different species. Consciousness makes them way different than other animals. Perhaps, even now, I do have some acrid bile left in my innards which makes me as acerbic as I was earlier.

And surprisingly, even the religious entities are no different than I. In a recent survey it was found that Dalits who got converted to Christians and Muslims to escape the caste oppression of Hinduism were treated with the same discrimination by the converted upper caste Christians and Muslims! Reading that piece of article this morning initiated that same salty slimy bile through several knots. I actually got more amused than acerbic.

You can convert a person to any damn theistic religion but even religion cannot help a person to change his inner self! But as I proceeded with the article I got to know that only the Dalits who were converted to Buddhism are in a much better condition with higher literacy rate and employability. Also, surprising to me, India consists of 87 percent of Buddhists who were actually converted from being Dalits.

I have always had a reverence for non theistic religions, specially the Buddhism. Dr. Ambedkar once declared that although he had been born a Hindu, he would not die a Hindu and thus embraced Buddhism as his dharma to escape from the evident oppression. Even I believe that Buddhism is the only religion which focuses on humanity and not on Gods. Although there are several debates on whether Buddha was really an atheist or not, but I believe he was an agnostic who simply did not find it worthy of his time to care for Gods when enlightenment can be achieved without bringing him into the picture.

As an ending sentence I would like to spew some bile at the orthodoxian Hindus. Do have some shame when you consider Buddha to be a Vishnu avatar. When Buddha never cared about god, why do you care about millions of them?        


  1. It is not only Dalits who converted to Christianity face discrimination. Nirad C Choudhury has written that Bengali upper castes like Brahmins who got converted to Christianity did not enter into marital relationship with neo converts who belonged to oter castres before conversion.

    In western countries, they may not have caste system like India. Then, they have other forms of discrimination like racism which is worse than caste system.

    1. Yes, that I have written. Upper caste converted christians and Muslims and of any other religion have not truly been converted. How can you remove a hard pressed belief and disgust from a person. Taking up a new religion doesn't change anything.

      Racism is all together a different game. Not only in western world, it is as much prevalent in here. Our north eastern tribals and indigenous Assamese community are not tolerated in the mainland India, people use derogatory words to separate them as Chinese! You must have seen how color of the skin is considered as the mark of purity and intelligence.

  2. Religion cannot bring dignity to anyone. Religion is essentially about discrimination and justifying the discrimination with the support of the deities.

    1. Could not agree more . But can we see a world without theistic religion? I would love to have a thought experiment on it.

  3. Nice take on religion and its attributes. Superb. People do get lured to convert.

    1. Isn't it funny how people get lured this way but unfortunately the gods of their previous religion become the ghosts of their present ones and haunt them.

  4. Although the message in all religions are for good of societies, somehow this message gets lost in translation as it gets passed on down the food chain. The innate desire of human to dominate always defeats the message of equality, justice and liberty. It becomes just a selling point to fish for more gullible fries!

    1. You said it :)

      We are confused souls who still are muddled up in the translations. Hoe can we take away the takeaways from holy books when we are imposed by the God fearing mongers to follow their paths?

      Yes, we are dominated by the desires! The desire to rule this god damn world, to have our own way. We change the translations, create gods and even cows to have our way. I am telling you we still have lots to suffer because of this.

  5. Till the time people don't understand that a religion is a personal thing and beyond the four walls of their home, it should not exist as an extension of self, not much can be changed. Otherwise why would we have Dalit-Muslims or Buddhist-Dalits? Religion is now a matter of economics than philosophy

    1. Belief in God is personal and the way a person wants to live is what should ideally be the only religion that needs to matter. But as we age we seek constant validation from the majority. The fearlessness as a child transforms into cowardliness as an adult and this is exploited by religious pundits and politicians, according to me.

      No doubt religion has become a livelihood for many.

  6. Dalitism has been methodically employed to extreme to slaughter meritocracy in our banana democracy. Now we have reservations even in promotions. Your immediate boss may not be fit enough to be inducted even as a Grade I officer but when Dalitism propels him to Grade VI at the cost of sacrificing a few hundred truly deserving regulars (or the descendants of so-called prehistoric suppressors), imagine the snafu that will ensue. No wonder, the continued brain drain will intensify and ensure that India remains a third world country for ever.

    1. I have my own reservations on reservations!

      I strongly condemn the promulgation of reservations given to castes and tribes and classes which weakens the effectiveness of the entire system because of the large inrush of undeserved workforce.

      No one is undeserved if he works hard enough to make himself skillful. But the practice of reservation kills this attitude to a large extent.

      Will the government be interested to reserve seats in cricket matches? Oh! It will be a disaster!

      However, dalits have faced enough injustice. What they should be given is an equal treatment and opportunity not a privilege. Interestingly that's the whole issue with neo feminism.


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