Happiness and friendship

A smiling face is a happy face to people. A story without tragedies is a story people find worth creating in their life. Just like the stories we had had in our nursery classes, just like the poems we had had in our toddler days, we love to recreate the same happy go lucky aura in our life- even when we do not have one in reality.

"If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands!" A nursery rhyme says. And I try to clap even now, even though I have trouble knowing when I am happy and when sad! I just keep clapping, to show people that I am happy.

Sad people have stories, sad stories, curious stories and if you do not put up a happy face by clapping your hands all the time, then people start bothering you. No one bothers a happy face, with a happy story with a clapping hands!

"If you are happy and you know it, stomp your feet and shout hooray!" And I try to shout hooray without knowing what it actually means. Because if I don't then the inquisitors of this society would start bothering me.

Have you ever seen a billboard with a sad face? They show happy smiling people with happy cars, happy clothes, happy phones, happy soaps, happy detergents, happy every damn thing. You know what they are selling? They are trying to sell happiness! And they even succeed selling happiness in kilos.

So, looking at the advertisements people become habituated in buying happiness from market hoping that they would also have a billboard smiling face all the time.

Happiness is a big business in this world. And it is obvious why it is so. Deep down, we do what gives us happiness. We consider happiness as the ultimate purpose of human existence. And it is! It definitely is, look at the billboards if you do not believe me.

One of the big time notion that we have, as a social being, is that we think happiness comes in the company of friends. Perhaps, it might! But I am still to come across a friend who has given me that inner happiness that I am looking for. What I look for is a peaceful happiness. A voiceless happiness, an undemanding happiness, a restful happiness and not the type of happiness the billboard faces carry in them!

It boils down to one thing- your personality. If you are an outgoing, extroverted individual you will find happiness in any human company who can talk! But if you are the one who is introverted then rare is the chance that you would enjoy the company of other human beings to much extent.

If you are an introvert, you would want to have a company who would listen to your silence rather than your shouts, who would stay near to you even when there is nothing to talk about, who would understand that it is not always that happiness can be purchased from the billboard advertisements but gained from a meaningful and peaceful conversation.

If you ever ask me whether I have friends or not, I would say no even when I do have friends- friends from school, college, jobs etc. I would say I have two or three who are more than just friends- they are an extension of my family but still I would say NO. I do not have any friend, yet, who can understand me exactly the way I am, who can understand the language of my silence better than the language of cacophonous words.

Perhaps, I have not tried searching enough to find such friends but it is not in my nature to do a friendship hunting. People come in my life and go away from me. Some remember me and many do not. I do not bother much with that. If I am fortunate enough, I may find a good friend or a companion who would understand me and if I am the unfortunate one then I would rather lead my life being alone with a company of my own soul, good books and this blog.

In conclusion, let me state what Aristotle, the greatest Greek philosopher, said about happiness and friendship- He considered friendship as the most important means in achieving happiness. However, out of all the different kinds of friendships, the highest form is the one which is based on virtues. He considered the friendship which is based on virtues- that is, the friendship among two individuals who are good and alike in virtues and traits- as the long lasting one which is tough to come across in a world full of fake people.


  1. This is very much true...its really very tough to find someone who will really understand our silence, unfortunately i have not found any such, the reason may be my introvert nature thats what you have written here very nicely about the introverts.
    May be its the problem of the introverts not the other people, their nature itself is the reason....sometime i feel so.

    1. Yes, introverts have their own battle to fight.

  2. Friends may be a good idea, but I don't even dare to try it. :)

    People have never made me happy except students who deliver surprises occasionally. Like Sartre, I believe that hell is other people. That's my experience, rather than belief.

    1. Am I going through your phases, or is it just a coincidence?

      In any case your company through blogs have been a source of motivation and inspiration to me. From a fan.

    2. Not a phase in my case. It's been a very long time (years and years) since I ever had any company of friends.

  3. Wonderful post. I agree it is really tough to find a friend who has the same virtues that I have.

    1. The difficulty is because we are reluctant in finding the true virtues of others. The introverts are so self centered that they do not find it worthy enough to seek others.


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