Meant to be alone

Meant to be alone

Just when I thought that wings have resurfaced
From the wings that got burnt

Just when I thought that this flight would go high
From the impetuous crash

Just when I thought that I can live with the memories
From the virginal company of love that I had

Just then I saw you
Who came with a silent storm
Independent and strong wind
Unbeknownst that you fluttered the wings
The wings that would have taken me to the heights alone
Now the wings want to fly with you to the same heights together ?

But who would make it understand
That I am -
Meant to be thrown away
Meant to be alone
Meant to be burnt alive
Meant to just live with the buried memories
Meant to never have a lasting virginal love, unadulterated love

Can the wings not fly alone?
Why does it want a company?
Why does it yearn for your storm?
Why the fuck it feels powerless?

Hopeless are these wings
Futile are the longings
Like a moth to a flame
Wants to get burnt again and again
What a shame!
Didn't learn the dirty game
It starts with an innocent rain
The petrichor's just a moment
But at the end a fearless furious torrent
You see, all are just the same
They tame and make you lame
But at the end
They find a better wing, better fame
What a shame, what a shame

Just a little advice, my wings
No one's a queen when you ain't a king
Stop chasing the flames, break the strings
Stop clinging to the hymns of the clings
Thousands of pain, she might bring
Miseries, agonies, symphonies and a drink
Impetuous crash, might again, in a blink
Just pick up the guitar with your lonely strings
Play the sad song that your heart cannot sing
Remember this thing
Even in your dreads and dreams-
 no one's a queen when you ain't a king
Just a little advice, my wings.
Just a little advice.


  1. Wow! A great poem! No one's a queen when you ain't a king! Loved it! 👌

    1. Thanks Rakesh. So glad to see you here after such a long time.

      Ain't that true? Why to make someone a queen when one is not a king to begin with.


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