Secular India? Or a ponzi scheme?

So the other day, we were talking about something when, out of my habit although in context to our conversations, I asked one of my colleagues whether she believes in the existence of God. Normally, I do not expect any answer from people and sometimes they do answer but in a sarcastic way to show their superiority in the faith that they got as a compensation for following their religion. But she was quick enough to answer me, in a sensible way, that she doesn't know whether a God exists or not, but she does believe in a supreme power which helps her in gaining positivity.

That was an answer indeed. An answer to analyse. In a way, that's a positive thing about talking to someone in a meaningful way. We tend to get good answers most of the time which are worthy of analysing. What she meant, I think, is that she does not actually care about the existence of any god from a religion but the existence of an energy, power is energy but with respect to time, which is around us. Well, it is not false to have a faith in an energy. One good thing about energy is that it is conservative to the last joule. That is, it can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another. So much conserved is this energy that it follows mass-energy transformation as well!

So, everything is energy! earth, fire, water, solid, liquid and gas, everything is energy. I would say her belief in energy is a better form of belief than the belief derived from conventional religions.

Now, we were talking about secularism! Were we not? No? Okay, let's talk about secularism then. Secularism according to the dictionary definition means the principle of separation of the state from the religious institution. It is a tragedy of human beings to constantly device oxymoron phrases to define paradoxical nature of discrimination. What in the name of their god do they mean when they say separation of state from religion?

Can you run a state with people following religion dexterously yet expect them to not bring the same religion in the matter of affairs related to their own state? Secularism? Ha! Funny how people remain hidden under the garb of some obscure definition of God and secularism, the zenith of juxtaposition!

Should we do away with secularism? Of course we should! But the question is who is going to bell the cat? Just like the belief in God holds people together, at least in principle, so is this concept of secularism holds people in unity amidst diversity, at least in principle on paper. We know it's a farce! It is a Ponzi scheme but as long as everyone believes in it, we are good to remain under its garb.

But then I would ask you all a question. Given a huddle of people with different religions, that is Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists etc. and with different ideas of Gods, that is human form, No form, No form but who took the form of a human, a supreme energy (or power) and an atheist,  who do you think would be the most secular among the lot?

I rest the conclusion as an onus on you. Do think with an open mind about the answer to the above question and perhaps, you will find the answer needed to strengthen the secularism. But again, the question would still remain, who would bell the cat.     


  1. Secularism goes in tune with agnosticism or atheism. Religious people will insist on mixing everything with religion, even politics.

    1. That's the problem with being religious ( say orthodox), they do not keep themselves to their personal religion ( can there be any personal religion?, I wonder).

      They just have to bring their illogical ideas on the pedestal of secularism ( which I agree is a mirror of atheism / agnosticism).

      That's why secularism is a farce in lieu of religious people.

  2. Secularism means the state does not endorse or promote enforce a particular faith. It leaves matters of faith to the individuals while it concern itself with the issues of governance and defence.
    As you have mentioned relying on the dictionary meaning it is the separation of the state from the religious institutions. However, even in the west from where the practice started and gained momentum, the ground reality is that religion holds sway in many affairs of the state.

    1. Definition of some words are way subjective to tick to a fixed definition. If I say I am secular, then does that mean I am not endorsing or promoting any faith but doing my job as is demanded by me? Ideally, as Tomichan also points out, this definition is so much similar to atheism or agnosticism.

      But the street definition of secularism is gross, which tends to be sympathetic towards a particular religion for political mileage. Congress proclaim itself to b secular, is it not a farce?

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  4. I prefer keeping mum on the pestilence that has the country in a vicious embrace. That does not mean I don't have balls.

    'Secularism' is being shamelessly wielded as a devastating weapon of self-promotion by constitutionally validated mafia outfits like Hurriyat,
    Congress, SP, BSP, CPI, CPM, RJD, AAP and Trinamool Congress, among others.
    That they are all also corrupt and rotten to bones, shouldn't surprise even a squirrel. Why did I leave out BJP, you may ask. Unfortunately, they are the only alternative we may have, despite the self-appointed Gau-rakshaks. And by and large, they are not corrupt --that is saying a lot in an inherently contaminated country.

    1. Are you sure they are not corrupt? They've just tasted blood. Give them time and you'll see them outperforming the others. There are already cases of corruption against many bjp people.

    2. As a guy who once just graduated out of a college with ideal dreams and aspirations, I saw a ray of hope and a breadth of fresh air when AAP came out as a political party.

      What led to its downfall? What made itself a mockery in front of us? A party which was a basis of anti corruption yellowed its hand with corruption and anarchism.

      Perhaps AAP is a party with very less experience and weak ideology, but BJP has both the experience of corruption and governance with strong right wing ideology touching the ceiling of hindutva.

      It would be too early to label it as a party with no corruption, although at the same time I have lost the faith of any alternative looking at the fall of AAP.


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