Stupid is as stupid does !

My momma used to say - stupid is as stupid does.
That remained forever with me. I consider myself to be a below average human being with nothing extraordinary in me. Perhaps to some and also to many, being below average is a curse. People worship heroes! People worship those who are outstanding. If you are not genius at anything, then boy! you are a failure.

So, yes, I am a failure. A mediocre two legged being who doesn't have any special super power to make the world bow in front of him. But that's okay! I mean really okay, okay! I have learned to accept my mediocrity, my below average standard of living, my abysmally low ambitions. What more can I do, when I realize that I am a prisoner of my own device and that I am a stupid, with below average IQ level who cannot excel at anything.

But if you ask Forrest Gump whether he is a stupid, cause to the society he looks like one, he would tell you that stupid is as stupid does!

This line, hence, has stayed with me ever since the first time I had watched the movie. I think it was in the year 2011 when I stumbled upon the movie while browsing for movies on DC++, a file sharing hub managed by our hostels at that time.

Do you know what, people have different choices. An individual has a range of choices in front of him. But our actions based on those choices arise out of different limitations and paradigms we set for ourselves, succumbed by the society.

I have a choice of responding to a question asked to me with either answering with whatever limited knowledge I have or ignoring the same and minding my own business. But generally I do respond to questions asked to me , for I am limited by the definition of niceties as set by the society. I am caged by the paradigm of conventions followed by the stupid society.

What happens is that we do have choices but at the end we do what we are programmed to do by the definitions of this society. That is why, people can ignore online communications with a sense of individuality but cannot do the same in the physical presence of the society.

But I digress! However, Forrest Gump never knew that he was stupid, according to the definitions set in by the society. He just knew that stupidity is defined by what you define it to be and not what is conventionally defined by the society. Forrest Gump didn't keep himself inside those paradigms. He did what he did because he liked doing that!

He too had multitudes of choices- a choice to get trampled by the society or to run through it to do what he felt like doing. A choice to save himself in the war amidst the war bombings or to save his comrades. A choice to settle down in life with any girl under the pressure of the peers or to keep running for the girl he loved dearly without seeking any reciprocation.

We all have choices but not all can act out with what our heart speaks. We become prisoners of our own device. We become masters of compromises with a burden of choices!

But I digress again. Initially I wanted to write this post with the theme of this week's Indispire edition, but I digressed so much that to make up for it I will say that it is not always that I find a movie better than the novel but when I do it has to be of the same standards as that of Forrest Gump. The movie has depths in characters, practicality in the events of our protagonist, wonderful and inspiring dialogues and and is more effective at giving a tighter slap to the definitions of this society.


  1. Forest Gump is a splendid movie. Many of the points raised in the movie remain in the mind for rumination long after the movie is seen and its basic outline is forgotten.

    1. Brilliant movie, isn't it? I get inspired by it each and every time I think about the movie. That dialogue Run Forrest Run is the core of the movie:)


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